As a progression to Logistics Consulting & Services, the Logistics Solutions assumes its importance and relevance from the fact that often after reaching the final site, the cargo undergoes several levels of mismanagement and non-compliance related to site handling and inter-carting operations at the site. On many occasions, owing to delayed readiness at the site, Storage Solutions becomes imperative. As a consequence of it, maintenance of the cargo in open as well as closed warehouses becomes very critical in every way. Quality compliance and manpower solutions is also a huge challenge for the developing economies, while procurement plan needs to also synchronize with the Plant’s erection schedules and time lines

S CUBE Trans Continental thus offers its services towards :
Overall project management at different site locations

Port handling & agency operations

Technical support services on cargo load out & load off operations at the port as well as on site

Route inspection & preview/surveys

Equipment supplies at site & handling

Warehouse Management & Storage Repacking services

Dismantling & erection operations

IT Solutions for sourcing and supply-chain options, besides Track and Trace Visibility.