There are several companies in the business of moving cargo. Only a few perhaps do it better than the others. The business potential for logistics is also unquestionably ranging between 3-4 per cent of GDP on one hand for the developed economies, while going up till 12-14 per cent of the GDP in lesser developed and developing markets. Industrial projects alongside oil & gas assignments still commands the largest share of investments.

Despite the global depression, which has impacted the world over, resulting in a slow down on projects; there are still the following realities:
S CUBE Trans Continental Group
17 Economies in Africa are growing at a plus 7 per cent growth trajectory every year.

Indian economy still growing at the rate of 5 per cent or thereabouts despite a decline from the height of 8-9 per cent annualized growth pattern till only recently. The logistics spend on various facets is to the tune of 13-14 per cent of GDP., while the logistics industry is all set to cross USD 125 billion mark by 2020.

Markets in the Middle-East and South-East Asian countries are also showing promising potential. U.A.E. market’s recent success with EXPO 2020, is likely to further boost the economic morale.
The business model on which this plan has been evolved, moves around the overall market bullishness and its revival with effective logistics & supply chain management.
The company S CUBE Trans Continental has been formed to classify, customize and cater to specific customer needs like:
Complete Logistics Consultancy – from concept till completion of any project

Freight Forwarding (Sea/Air/Multi-modal)

Project Forwarding, including transportation on land, alongside Ship & Air Chartering

Plant Relocation & Dismantling

Warehouse/Storage Management , Supply Chain Solutions & IT support

Value Added Services – Site Infrastructure & Management (Port/Airport related services)

Six sides of a CUBE denotes these six key services, which for the Organization will always carry relevance and importance, just as a CUBE denotes. Therefore, the overall objective of this new organization is to do something more and beyond the normal realms of logistics business. There is a backward and forward integration, as well as related diversification; thus compounding value and strength to the overall offering.
Broadly, the business offerings for S CUBE is classified within three well-defined teams / structures / modules :